Unique Mother's Day gift ideas 2017

Hello  girls! This is my very first post as a blogger. 😍 I decided to start with Mother's Day gift ideas in 2017 . Mothers have a very special place in their kids' hearts, especially girls. I love planning unique gift ideas for every occasion, be it my husband's 💕birthday, our anniversary, Mother's Day or Father's Day . So i thought of sharing my views and ideas on this platform. Lets begin with the top hit ideas for this Mother's Day that will definetely work. Your mother gonna ask you- where did you get this idea from.. Trust me!! All the products mentioned are tried and tested by me and loved by my mother. You can buy them online like amazon, flipkart etc. So here are the top five gift ideas for your lovely mom. 1. Pampering with a relaxing bath: Get a nice bath ready for your mom. Fill the bath tub with warm water. Put in some Bath salt . I love Soulflower lavender bath salts. It is very relaxing and pleasing to eyes. It will definitely make a diff